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Restoration of Antique Fireplaces

Many times antique fireplaces have very large vents, reduced hearth depths and very small chimneys, which is why they are often unusable.


The chimney hoods allow the re-use of antique fireplaces to guarantee their functionality. Through a dimensioning calculation we can identify the necessary dimensions, you just have to choose the design form that best combines with the existing fireplace by selecting the most suitable materials among:








bocca camino4.png



Damper /Draft adjustment.

Communicate any type of damper and command positioning.

For good operation we recommend combining the chimney hood with the hearth plate.

An alternative to the hood is the chimney mouth reducer . Made of thick steel, it allows to reduce the size of the mouth allowing the correct draft and at the same time radiate heat and thus increasing the comfort of the room.

bocca camino3.png
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