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Boxed Centrifugal Fans

The boxed centrifugal fans ZG CAMINI, can be made completely of stainless steel or in the alternative, the part of box and the impeller can be made of galvanized steel, as more economic one.Inserted inside a box and the flame are completely made of  stainless steel to guarantee a longer life and cleanliness.


Their particularity is a low level of  emissioni sonore, thanks to insulation using the absorbing material

of the crankcase and of the impeller. This allows to reduce considerably the noises normally produced

by the fan. These fans are available in SS of  various type,with special surface treatments

(PTFE),also the use of titanium alloy. About blade, it is also available straight blade,forward blade and back


Possibility to have the motor isolated from the treated fluid and to be protected from

contamination or chemical aggression, It can design discharge port on the right or left dipending the

needs of clients. in addition, can be possible to adjust the angle.


Thanks to their characteristics,they are suitable for various uses such as air

exchange, extraction of vapors and gases.Therefore,they can be used in any sector (industrial, civil,

agro-food, pharmaceutical, chemical).

Ventilatore cassonato
Ventilatori cassonati

Based on the characteristics of the plant and to the type of fluid to be extracted, you can choose the following fan models



  • Straight blade

  • Forward blade

  • Back blade



  • Tipo A = Free aspiration/ Free delivery

  • Tipo B = Free aspiration/Pipe delivery

  • Tipo C = Connected aspiration/ Free delivery

  • Tipo D = Connected aspiration/ Connected delivery



  • Class1 low pressure fans up to 900 Pa

  • Class2 midium pressure fans from 900 Pa to 1700Pa

  • Class3 high pressure fans from 1700 Pa to 3000

Superior pressure also on request

Technical characteristics

  • Build-in right or left installation motor,(on request it can be isolated from the treated fluid), in single-phase and three-phase versions, both with optional adjustable speed. Available in versions with Voltage and Hz for international use

  • Discharge port orientable as desired

  • Standard fan fixing systems, flanged, to be welded or

  • customizable according to your needs

  • Various process connections available: weld-in, flanged, folder-flanged, clamp, plug-in and other types on request

  • Hygienic welds made with backed shielding gas on request

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