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A “cookie” is a small textual file (filled with letters or numbers) that allows a web server to save on client side (user browser) useful information during the current visit (session cookies) or that expire in a few days (persistent cookies).
The cookies are saved and memorized following the user device settings (Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone).

Cookies do not record personal user information and no identifiable information is stored.
If you want to disable the cookies, you need in first place to set up your personal browser options, where you can delete saved cookies or turn on an information notify when a website needs to save one (or more).
Althought, you can proceed without any changing and continues surfing as always.
Further information are available at or


According to their characteristics and use, we can distinguish between different types of cookies:

Technical Cookies

This kind of cookies are necessary for proper working of websites, and they can be “session cookies” (temporary cookies) or “persistent cookies” (with defined duration according to the needs of specific website).
Session Cookies lifetime is strictly limited to the time of navigation: when the user closes the browser, all of them will be destroyed.

Persistent cookies (useful for login or advanced functions for recurrent users) might have longer life (until 30 days) and they can be used to recognize the user’s device (e.g. in order to make easier the access in restricted areas).
Disabling their functionality can compromise the access to the restricted areas, although the public part of website will still be available

Analytical and performance cookies

Cookies used to analyze traffic data and get anonymous datas on website usage, including a returning user, are useful to improve the website usability and functionality.
Disabling these cookies won’t change the user experience.

Profiling Cookies

These permanent cookies have been used to identify (anonymously or not) the user preferences, useful to improve the user experience during the navigation, they also provide variable data depending on the web usage.
This website do not uses this kind of cookies.

Third-party cookie

By visiting a website you can receive cookies not only from the current visited website, but also from another web domain, called “third-party” website: usually they consist in embedded functionality (social plugins as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn that allow content sharing). Using third party plugins involves the transmitting of data and cookies to external websites, where each one can manage them according to their singular statements.

Google Analytics

This website utilizes Google Analytics, an analytical Google tool. This service uses cookies in order to allow this website to analize how the user navigates on its pages.
The information generated by these cookies will be transmitted to Google, that will use them to extrapolate the usage of website in anonymous and aggregated way.
If provided, Google can give this information to third parties, according to their particular statements of data usage.
Personal data collected includes cookies and usage data and the procession location is the USA. – Click here to read the Privacy Policy

Cookie di Flash

Flash cookies can be saved on this computer when Adobe Flash technology have been used. The technical planning on this issues is similar to persistent cookies: almost all browsers use flash plugin to visualize this kind of multimedia (with particular settings as volume, image quality render). Youtube is the most important of them but also decorative and/or interactive parts in many website can utilize them. Flash cookies have endless lifetime, so they can be saved until manual deleting.

Cookies used on this website

This website uses the following cookies (own or third parties): technical cookies (both session and persistent).


Every user is free to choose to accept or not the cookies using towards configuring his own browser settings, where the cookies can be blocked or limitated as your preferences.
Deactivating cookies (partially or totally) can compromise the full functionality of the website restricted access area. However you can still navigate in the public area (not restricted) of this website without using cookies; disabiliting third party cookies won’t preclude the navigation of the rest of the website.

Install and remove cookies from your website

Cookie settings can be managed by the user accessing his browser privacy settings.

You can decide which cookies accept through the browser settings. Most browsers default settings accept cookies, but you can directly change browser's settings. There are also software that can act on the cookies, such as web services or browser addons.
Please note that on different browser there will be a different path to follow to disable/manage the cookies.
For more information:
To disable cookies on a mobile browser, please read your device user manual.

More information

If you want to get more information about the use of the cookies on this website, or ask about deleting you data, you can write to the website owner at:
(data manager of this domain: Z.G.Camini INOX s.r.l..)

For more information on privacy management please read this link

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