The Multicap was produced by studying and having many years experiences like producers of chimney flues. It’s innovative compared to what you can find on the market and
as it guarantees the fundamental functions for the proper functioning of the flue,indicated by current legislation,in particular the functions of the chimney must be the following:

- Facilitate the dispersion of combustion products into the atmosphere

- Be constructed in such a way as to ensure the correct evacuation of the fumes even in the event

  of winds

- Have a useful outlet section greater than or equal to twice the chimney section
- Be built in such a way as to prevent the penetration of rain, snow and hail into the chimney

- Have functions as a draft activator

Its design favors draft with any atmoferic condition in fact, in the absence of wind, the nozzle shape of the windproof strips facilitates the vertical discharge of the fumes, while in case of wind it exploits the air currents to which the chimney is subjected, and due to the Venturi effect it creates depression inside the flue where it is installed without movements of anypart, improving the draft and at the same time performing the function of  RAIN COVER- BIRD NET - WINDPROOF.

"MULTICAP" it is available in STAINLESS STEEL versions 304 POLISHED, MATT, OR BURNISHING. On request it can also be made in other materials, as in INOX AISI 316L or COPPER.

Laeflet of Venturi-cap (included multicap)