Mixing and Dispersion

We are producing various types of mixing with the characteristics suitable for any utilization. From the simple slowly stirrer with the possibility to use many kinds of impeller to the turbo emulsifier; homogenizer mixer with high cutting capacity. All products are stainless steel aloys or titanium aloys.

If it is necessary for you to mix liquid and liquid, liquid and powder,we can offer you the best solutions analysing your needs and offering the better technical solution.

agitatore lento 1500l

agitatore lento 100l

agitatore lento 3270l

agitatore lento pompa dosatrice

agitatori magnetici

mixer 50l

omogeinizzatore 7kw

omogeinizzatore 3kw

stazione di lavoro 15 litri

stazione mixer

turbodispersore 4kw

omogeinizzatore 2,2kw riscaldato

Industrial Stirrers , Turbo Mixers and Mixers

In this example you can see an example with a Turbo mixers,  with powder feeding accessory ,fully made of titanium alloys. Another example is about an Industrial Stirrer that is made of stainless steel AISI 316, with all parts in movements coated with high resistance and high tick of PTFE.

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we also produce orders for single pieces and prototypes!

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